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Division of Marketing
& Communications

Brian WrightBrian Wright, Director of Visual Media, Division of Marketing & Communications, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

What I Do

I'm responsible for the audiovisual content representing Texas A&M for marketing and communications. That includes moving images, still images, audio elements, as well as directing, producing, capturing, writing, conceptualizing, and supporting university marketing campaigns and communications media outreach efforts.

My Texas A&M Story

The first thing that gave me the hint that I was working at a special university was at one of the first Aggie Ring pickups that I went to shoot around 1998, 1999. There were students there with their families and it's a big deal. Students were there in their shorts and t-shirts, and as soon as they get their Ring boxes, they're opening them, overly joyful. And there's this one girl who is standing there by herself in the middle of the room, all dressed up and staring at her box crying. Her life had been so difficult up until that point that she was scared to open her Ring box because she was afraid it wouldn't be there. The chairman of the board at the Association of Former Students at the time came over to her and was with her, and she opened it, saw that her Ring was there, and she just lost it. And I thought, "Wow"¦I guess that Ring is a pretty big deal; Ever since then, every time I shoot a Ring pickup, I remember that, and just how special it really is.