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Division of Marketing
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Campus Tours

Date: Launched January 2013

Project: In today’s digital age, virtual tours are an important part of a prospective student’s choice of a university. An online tour of this nature was something that Texas A&M had been lacking, and this site now provides a much needed application to Texas A&M.  

Execution: The virtual tours site includes photos, videos, audio podcasts and 360-degree panoramas of many of the most well-known locations on campus. It allows viewers at home — many of whom may have never been to or seen our campus — to get a glimpse of what life in Aggieland is really like. This project is one that is ever-growing, with plans to integrate social media and user-generated content in the future. 

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Texas A&M home page

Texas A&M Homepage

Date: Launched March 2011

Project:  The university website is the online face of Texas A&M. It represents the starting point in most people's interaction with the university.  As such, it sets their first impressions, and in a large part, determines how our university is perceived by those not already familiar with Texas A&M.

Execution: The project included a complete overhaul and repurposing of the site. The intended main audience was narrowed to prospective students and their parents, and content for the site was chosen specifically for its appeal to this audience. Site organization was completely updated to make it easier for the viewer to find the information they were seeking. From a technical side, this was the first time to dynamically integrate content from other university sites, making it part of a larger community rather than a stand-alone website. 

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Texas A&M Today

Texas A&M Today

Date: Launched January 2015

Project: Texas A&M Today, originally called TAMUtimes, was conceived as the cornerpiece of the university's communication strategy. It involves an electronic newsletter that goes out to more than 70,000 subscribers. It also includes a complete news website. Content from this website is picked up and republished on several other sites around campus.

Execution: The site was originally created as a way of aggregating and then distributing news on campus.  Content from the website appears in the e-newsletter, the news section of, and an RSS feed that updates sites across campus such as and

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