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Division of Marketing
& Communications

Photo/Video Requests

The Division of Marketing & Communications offers video and photography services to Texas A&M University to meet a variety of needs. Whether it's for an event, a publication, or for archiving important moments, Marketing & Communications can help. The Division also maintains and makes available an extensive digital photo database to campus entities.

Who do I call for photography or video production?

For a list of professional photographers, view our Photo Resources page and Photographer Pool List.

I would like to look at the photo archives, who do I contact?

The Campus Image Repository is a central resource of managed images that incorporate branding guidelines and are available to campus designers and communicators for university publications, websites and presentations.

To see our full archive of photos, please contact Brian Wright at or (979) 845-4665 to schedule an appointment.

Who do I contact about commercial usage or other licensing questions?

For permission to use Texas A&M University's copyrighted photos or videos, or to film or photograph on campus, contact the Office of Business Development.