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Division of Marketing
& Communications

Frequently Asked Questions about Working with Media

As a public institution, the university has an obligation to permit members of the news media reasonable access to campus spaces. However, the university also has the power to regulate access to campus in order to carry out our educational, research and related functions; to protect the safety and well-being of members of our community and visitors to our campus; to protect the privacy of students, their families and others for whom the campus represents their place of residence; and to protect the privacy of student academic records and other records as required by or permitted under state and federal laws.

The following represent guidelines for allowing or restricting representatives of the news media onto property and into buildings owned or controlled by Texas A&M University. For the purposes of this document, “media” is defined to include any individual or group conducting interviews, making audio or video recordings, or capturing photographic images, for purposes of dissemination to the public via commercial or noncommercial news and information outlets, including the Internet.

In specific situations, decisions about access to property may be made by representatives of the Department of Public Safety or other safety officials, Office of Facilities Coordination, the Division of Marketing & Communications, or other senior administrators as appropriate. When in doubt, you are encouraged to seek guidance from these offices.

Some general guidelines include:

Members of the news media are generally allowed free access to the following campus venues and spaces, subject to the general guidelines above:

Media are not allowed in the following locations without express permission from an administrative authority and/or an officially designated University escort:

These lists are not exhaustive, and additional guidelines may be established as necessary according to the general principles noted above.