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Licensed Vendors

Licensed Vendors

To view or download a list of Texas A&M's licensed vendors, as well as a list of where to shop locally, please see below.

Texas A&M Visual Identity Guide

Maintaining a consistent and professional image is important to the success of the Texas A&M brand. Texas A&M licensees are encouraged, within the guidelines, to be creative in the application of the marks. All designs are subject to approval by the Collegiate Licensing Company and the Office of Business Development prior to use.

Please review the Texas A&M Brand Guide for guidelines and proper usage of marks, names, and logos before producing any Texas A&M branded products.

Report a Violation

To report a violation of licensing or trademark use, please contact the Office of Business Development or report the violation by email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Office of Business Development maintains a growing list of frequently asked questions. For specific questions not covered in the FAQ, please feel free to contact the Office of Business Development.