Benefits for Texas A&M Units

Reasons to standardize and work with Texas A&M University Division of Marketing and Communications to implement brand strategy:

Reduces Workload and Time Commitment

Staff are able to devote time and passion to other projects.

Reduces Cost Through Coordinated Activities

In a marketplace of highly fragmented media, the cost of reaching fragmented audiences is much higher and difficult to justify.

Confirms Your Credibility

As part of a larger, unified brand, we are stronger when we speak as one.

Greater Loyalty From all Stakeholders

Including staff, faculty and students.

Supports Effective Media Relations

Creates collective ability to successfully shape and manage one core brand over time.

Benefits for Target Audience and Stakeholders

  • Communicates a comprehensive picture of our core values and reputation.
  • Builds emotional connection and pride associated with one core brand.
  • Provides consistent representation to help audiences understand the breadth and depth of our organization.
  • Delivers messages faster, creates a consistent image and strengthens brand recognition by creating a seamless, compelling experience across all of our communication channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions about the Texas A&M brand. However, if your question is not answered in the list below, please email