Guiding Principles

The following guiding principles will help maintain our collective focus on the initiative at hand, and guide our behaviors and actions in a common direction.

  • Transparency and openness

    We will commit to sharing information (big and small) throughout the process, and create channels and opportunities for ongoing dialogue and engagement for stakeholders.
  • Dedication to co-creation

    We will work together to create a shared purpose, vision and roadmap for the future of university marketing and communications.
  • Don't make assumptions

    We will ask questions and not assume to know the answers to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Growth mindset

    We will design a model with clear pathways for professional growth, development and leadership.
  • Continuous improvement

    We will maintain flexibility and learning as we go, and will embrace an evolving model and adjust based on what is working and what isn't.
  • Clarity of purpose and services

    We will clearly articulate our division's purpose and service offerings with internal stakeholders to eliminate confusion, minimize distractions and ensure our expertise is leveraged effectively to provide the greatest impact to the university.
  • Continuity of services

    We will commit to continuing our day-to-day work as we develop our new model so that there is no lag in marketing and communications support.
  • Supportive approach

    We will move to a culture of "We," invoking the spirit of a truly unified team, and sharing of ideas, experiences and opportunities with one another.