This resource guide referencing the use of social media tools for official state business was created by the Texas Department of Information Resources, in coordination with 34 state agencies and institutions of higher education.

Learn to protect your own intellectual property rights and respect those of others on social media.

Learn the university’s policy outlining usage for visitors to a university-affiliated Facebook page.

Learn the university’s policy outlining usage for visitors to a university-affiliated Instagram account.

Texas A&M is committed to making information resources developed, maintained, distributed and procured by our institution accessible to everyone. In social media, this most often means captioning videos.

The Texas A&M System and its members and agencies should all provide a link to this document.

Learn university rules regarding the freedom of expression, which apply to social media interactions on university-operated social media accounts.

Understand Texas A&M’s philosophy on computing use, including freedom of expression, privacy, intellectual property and more.

Ensure your social media accounts are safe and secure with university requirements and recommendations.

Make sure that you are using the correct university logos, social media profile and cover photo guidelines on your accounts.

Resources, requirements and recommendations for communicators managing university-affiliated social media accounts.

These are the official guidelines for participating and engaging in social media on behalf of or as a representative of The Texas A&M University System and any of its entities. They apply to any Texas A&M System employees or contractors creating or contributing to blogs, wikis, social media networks, virtual worlds, or any other externally facing social media community as part of their work for The Texas A&M System.

Learn the policy for members of the Division of Marketing and Communications to manage university-affiliated social media accounts per the Texas A&M University System rules.