Tips and Tricks for Different Page Types

Get content strategy, design recommendations and code examples for different web pages based on their use case.

Home Page

The homepage of your website is the first thing people see when they visit your site by going to your URL or website address (i.e., Sometimes websites contain microsites that have their own homepages.

Tips for home pages

Landing Page

A website can contain multiple landing pages. Typically, your primary landing pages are linked to in your site navigation. However, large sites may have more landing pages than just these. Landing pages serve as a table of contents for sections of your website.

Tips for landing pages

Standard Page

Most pages in a website can be considered standard pages. These are the pages that house detailed content on your site and can either have no sidebar, a sidebar menu or on-page navigation.

Tips for standard pages
Specialty Page Templates

Profiles and Directories

Aggie UX supports profiles and directories, which work together to provide space for individual contact information for all of the people in a given organization. Directories cannot exist without profiles.


Profiles are dedicated pages with contact information for a specific person. Profiles can be very simple, only including contact information, or more complex, including information such as biographical information, education, publications, and awards and honors.


A directory is a list of all of the people in a given organization, where each person has a directory listing linked to their individual profile. Directories can be filtered and searched.

Specialty Page Templates

News Stories and Feeds

Aggie UX supports article-based content such as news, blogs and messages. For simplicity’s sake, we will refer to all article-based content as “news” in most instances.

News Story

News story templates are a versatile storytelling template that accommodate article-based content such as news, blog-style posts and messages. This template has two layout options: standard (for use on most news stories) and featured (for use on especially important or otherwise spotlighted article-based content).

News Feed

News story feeds are intended to display any pages that use the news story template, while providing sidebar filters to customize your view. This template’s content should be dynamically created by indexing the pages with the news story template.

Understanding Aggie UX

Aggie UX (AUX) is a robust system with many moving parts. To keep everyone on the same page, we’ve created an AUX Glossary with common web terms and terms and phrases unique to our design system.

Visit the AUX Glossary