Logo Usage for Centers and Institutes

  • When creating unit identities for centers and institutes, use the same guidelines provided for Colleges and Departments.
  • When using the center or institute name with the name of the affiliated college or department, do not use multiple unit identities. Instead, you may represent the center or institute in typography under the university or college identity. The examples below show university-based institutes that are brand compliant.

Examples for Institutes

Screenshot of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine site, this site is an example of an institute website branded correctly with unit identity guidelines

Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Identifies under its college brand (Medicine), presented in typography only.

Screenshot of the Institute for Sustainable Communities website, highlights an institute website

Institute for Sustainable Communities

Identifies under the university brand, presented in typography only.

Example for The Institute for National Cyber & Security Education & Research

The Institute for National Cyber & Security Education & Research

Collaboration of Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, Agrilife Research (system) and Department of Nuclear Science (College of Engineering, Texas A&M University).