Aggie UX Web Design System

Aggie UX is Texas A&M University’s brand compliant, accessible and user-focused design system and framework for Texas A&M websites.

Aggie UX for Designers

Discover the Aggie UX resources to quickly make webpage mockups using Figma.

Aggie UX for Developers

Learn more about Aggie UX Cascade page builder as well as developing your own websites using the web design system.

Aggie UX for Content Creators

Read more about writing accessible web content and view documentation for updating websites.

Aggie UX Templates

To help you get started building your website, we have provided a few example page templates with content recommendations and best practices.

Learn about Aggie UX templates

Website Requirements

All Texas A&M University websites within the domain must comply with web accessibility and brand guidelines.

Have a question?

Please reach out through the contact form for questions related to website branding, development or Aggie UX.