What is Aggie UX?

Aggie UX is a living, breathing component library and design system focused on providing a positive user experience (UX). As a design system, Aggie UX solves for the most common website needs through the creation of dozens of flexible components.

Key elements and design considerations for Aggie UX include a web color palette, new web fonts, design customizations through section styles and background options, and an icon library.

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Aggie UX Role-Based Resources

Aggie UX for Designers

Discover design resources that make it easy to quickly create webpage mockups using the Aggie UX design system.

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Aggie UX for Developers

Learn more about Aggie UX Cascade page builder as well as developing your own websites using the web design system.

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Aggie UX for Content Creators

Read more about writing accessible web content and view documentation for updating websites.

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Collage of Aggie UX web page templates

Aggie UX Templates

To help you get started building your website, we have provided a few example page templates with content recommendations and best practices.

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Understanding Aggie UX

Aggie UX (AUX) is a robust system with many moving parts. To keep everyone on the same page, we’ve created an AUX Glossary with common web terms and terms and phrases unique to our design system.

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Frequently Asked Questions