Dot Grids

The dot grid symbolizes Aggie unity and multiple parts forming a whole. It must be used in the colors tan, light gray, dark gray, white or maroon. The dot grids may be used as a background texture or a border element.

dot grids in an image

Geometric Blocks

The geometric block design element complements our Texas A&M logo box and is useful in layouts combining photos and text. It works as a visual container to hold text and layer over photos for maximum legibility.

geometric blocks in an image

Layered Emphasis Box

Layering two offset boxes draws attention to important text and provides a layout opportunity to incorporate our primary colors of maroon and white.

layered Emphasis in an image

Rectangle Emphasis Box

Use the small rectangular emphasis box to hold text while incorporating our primary colors of maroon and white. Use with Work Sans Bold as a typographic treatment to emphasize a smaller subhead, word or phrase.

rectangle Emphasis in an image

Accent Elements

A short accent bar or six angled lines (representing Texas A&M’s six core values) can be used above headlines or to divide content. The accent elements should be no longer than the first few characters of the headline and should be a contrasting color to its background. The angled line element should always be used together as one unit and only in the colors tan, light gray, dark gray, white or maroon.

short accent bar

This example is a short accent bar.

six angled lines

This is an example of six angled lines.

Download Design Elements

Use the design elements on this page to create a consistent look and feel across all of your marketing and communications materials. It is not necessary to use all of the elements together in every application.